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Fairmont “Christmas in November”
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
The Fairmont hotel in St Andrews has its Christmas market running this coming weekend, from Friday through to Sunday, together with various Christmas-inspired events. I took Beth along to last year’s fair, and she rather enjoyed it. Lots of stalls to look at, too many opportunities to spend money, and some good nibbles.


Looking forward to going along this weekend, probably around Saturday lunchtime. Will we see you there?

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The mince-pie and Christmas Dinner sessions have disappeared - the two events I had been booked to attend last year! (The latter cancelled since nobody else was interested, the former going ahead but with only 4 people.)

The mini mince pies were very nice - though they did amount to "4 different things you can add to the mince pie filling", with the host talking a lot more about the ginger tea he'd made to go with the mince pies. The full size mince pies and mulled wine downstairs seemed a much better deal!

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