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Film synopses
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
There are certain words or phrases commonly used in film synopses that I find totally off-putting. When looking at film trailers on my Apple TV there are phrases that make me shudder, and mean that I’m unlikely to want to watch the film in question, even through the film itself might be enjoyable.

I’m sure everybody has phrases that trigger a negative reaction when reading about a film or a novel. For me, the list would include the following, even though I’ve watched and enjoyed films which could be described by these words:
  • bravely authentic
  • contemporary human problems
  • close-knit circle of friends
  • inspired by the true story
  • heartfelt comedy
  • intertwined lives
  • remarkable memoir
  • based on true events
  • self-discovery
  • heartache

(all from the current top films page in iTunes)

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based on true events
This is one of my pet hates with Hollywood films - it usually seems to mean "takes outrageous and unconscionable liberties with documented historical fact".

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