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In the wheelie bin
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
A parcel arrived at home today. kateaw was out, so the courier, Yodel, put a card through the door, and put the parcel in one of our wheelie bins.

How insane is that?

We live on a road where we often put wheelie bins out for our neighbours, as they as only here at weekends. Likewise, qidane puts our bins out for us when we are away. It would be so easy for a parcel delivered to a wheelie bin to be taken away with the rubbish.

I’ve noticed several couriers doing this, over a number of years. I assume they must deliver to a bin as a matter of policy, and I’m not sure how one would opt out, other than perhaps to place stickers on the bins saying “No hawkers! No circulars! No courier deliveries!”

When Kate got back, she retrieved the parcel from the bottom of the bin, which was a bit of a struggle with the combination of the weight of the parcel and her frozen shoulder. I suppose it is my fault for ordering tinned tomatoes, tinned sweetcorn, and pasta, online. Isn’t it the modern thing, to buy one’s groceries with Amazon subscriptions?

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I've never had stuff left in the bin, but ParcelFarce went through a phase a few years ago of leaving parcels by the front door, moderately hidden behind a planter but still not very secure, and then (badly) forging my signature on the recorded delivery card.

On one occasion I phoned up the local depot and said "according to the tracking website it's been delivered and I've signed for it, which is news to me because I've been out at work all morning. So either the delivery chap isn't entirely playing by the rules, or somebody has pretended to be me, signed for the parcel and has absconded with it - could you find out which one it is and get back to me please?"

Happily it was the former, but if it had been stolen then presumably I'd have found it difficult to claim a refund or compensation because the recorded delivery paperwork had an apparently valid signature on it.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a driver forge my signature, but I have had unpleasant experiences with ParcelForce in the past. They haven’t been so badly recently, though, although that might be because I work from home several days a week, and Kate is often about, so there is a good chance we’ll be in for a parcel.

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We have Amazon Prime, which is pretty good value for the number of orders that we make, but it seems quite random which courier they use. Yodel are the worst — odd times of the day and evening, and always feeling that delivering parcels is just too much bother for them.

Yodel are indeed appalling.
My parents ordered a Freeview+ box that Yodel was supposed to deliver.
First box was collected by Yodel from the supplier..and was never seen again.
Second box..... was collected by Yodel from the supplier..and was never seen again.
Third box..made it to Inverness, and was collected there for them by a neighbour before it too could be lost.

I ordered a Kindle, and, having been looking forward to getting it for ages, paid the extra for delivery by 1300 next working day.
1300 the next working day it hadn't even left the Perth Yodel facility.
It was checked out after that...then returned to Perth without even attempting delivery.
It was delivered the next day.
Luckily, Amazon are generally good (at least in my experience), and they refunded the entire delivery fee because of the hassle.

Amazon: good because they give refunds without argument.
Amazon: bad because they keep using Yodel, even though everyone knows they are rubbish.

This happened to The Bloke about a year ago and we did not get the card until the bins had gone.
After much thought we decided that we had lost an advent calendar but it could have been much worse as, along with a fair chunk of the population, we have a large number of parcels arriving in the run up to Christmas.

Maybe I should lock our wheelie bins in a cage, so Yodel can’t get to them.

My mother once had a "we tried to deliver ... come and get it tomorrow" card from Royal Mail. The next day, along she went ... "sorry, we can't find it. Do you know what it looks like?"

It never turned up; we never identified what it was supposed to be, or who sent it, making contacting the sender impossible.

CityLink are particularly bad. I had to collect my printer from Glenrothes (quite a trek from Perth!) - fortunately, as it happened, my mother was working in Glenrothes at the time, so she collected ... a laptop. Yes, they gave a laptop to completely the wrong person, by mistake. On the bright side, they suddenly became much more cooperative about delivering the printer once they needed to get the laptop back...

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