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Blogging in November
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
At the beginning of November I decided to write a blog post every day. I’m slightly surprised that I didn’t miss any.

I set myself other targets too: I would vary the subject matter of my posts from one day to the next; I would write multiple paragraphs and say something with more depth or development than could be expressed through a tweet; I would try to include something informative, something topical, and some personal opinion in every post.

Overall it has been quite satisfying; I will continue into December, but I will aim to post a greater variety of content, and multiple posts a day. Let’s see how we go!

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Yay! I approve. People blogging is good. It was getting bad when my occasional posts were starting to seem relatively prolific.

Keep up with the blogging yourself!

In my case, I often found myself formulating a posting in my head, particularly when driving (or being driven) to and from Dundee, but then I seldom got around to typing them in. So my big change in November was to motivate myself to type up what I’d already thought of — and now I’m going to try to turn that around, and capture more of my thoughts throughout the day.

Thanks for the encouragement! I don't think my posting will ever be frequent - it often takes me too long to write anything to my satisfaction - but it will help me keep going :-)

I planned twenty minutes of blogging before going to bed, for any days where I hadn’t already posted something earlier. Looking at the timings of my posts during November, most were in the late evening.

Having the plan to sit in front of the computer at a consistent time of day encouraged me to think about and plan a blog post earlier in the day, knowing that there would be a time later set aside to type it up.

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