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Brownies Christmas Festival

Off to Beth’s Brownies Christmas festival this afternoon. It was an opportunity to view — and judge — Christmas trees, wreathes, and cards that all of the packs had been making. Oh, and tea and scones. We feel quite spoilt today.

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Ah, I see you've used the Devonian style, not the Cornish...

I wish that we had the opportunity!

Sadly there was no clotted cream; just butter and jam. Although Beth put the butter on top of her jam, which we thought was an unusual attempt to replicate the look of a scone with jam and clotted cream, but she popped the other half of the scone on top and explained that she had been making a scone sandwich.

Worth noting that Beth and Kate halved their scones, but I followed my usual behaviour of slicing mine into three layers.

I fully approve of the trisection approach: 50% more scone surface - though it generally requires a little more jam than you tend to get in the single-serving jar or plastic pack of jam. Butter on top is a novel variation!

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