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Traveling to London
Got on the train at Leuchars; the first cup of tea arrived four minutes later. Not so bad. Getting an earlier train than usual; I thought it would make sense to get to the company flat in good time this evening and have an opportunity to do a little supermarket shop before dinner. As I’ll be down there for the full week it makes sense to stock up on more groceries than I’d usually bother with.

After this week I’ll be at home all the way through Christmas and New Year. It will be refreshing to spend Christmas at home this year; while I enjoy being away with family for Christmas, it is the time of year that I least enjoy traveling.

For the first time it will be just me, Kate, and Beth on Christmas Day. When we’ve been at home for Christmas in the past we’ve always people to stay, which we enjoy, but we thought that keeping Christmas Day to the immediate family this year would allow Kate and me to do the things that we most enjoyed from childhood Christmases, and perhaps make sure that Beth stays centre of attention for the day. I foresee some family Lego building.