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Kingsland Road
Out for a wander the other night, I headed up Kingsland Road and noticed a clutch of Vietnamese restaurants. I don’t think I’ve eaten Vietnamese cuisine before, but as I tend to enjoy most oriental food, and Vietnam seems to be pretty good for vegetarian food, I’m going to give it a go this evening with tokyo_mb.

Having followed the practical steps of checking online restaurant reviews, I think we might make a choice based on peering through the doors and seeing what the place looks like, an approach that served me well for eating on Brick Lane last year.

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I hope you're having a great evening x

I'd love to have a good Vietnamese restaurant up here - I remember some delicious Vietnamese meals in Houston. Usually containing some meat, but with very tasty vegetables making up most of it...

As it was, we ended up eating at Cay Tre on Old Street, which was a little nearer and was very enjoyable.


For some reason I had the idea that Vietnamese was very meat-oriented. How is it for vegetarians? Or, rather, how it is for my sort of pickitarianism: no four-legged-animal meat and no cooked fish, no garlic-flavoured dishes (I've become a little more tolerant of garlic but still can't stand it as a distinct flavour). It would be nice to have another cuisine I could join people for.

While there was meat and a lot of fish on the menu, there was a good variety of interesting vegetarian food too.

I understand that Vietnam has a tradition of vegetarian food, perhaps influenced by their history of Buddhism. I tend to find it easy to find appealing vegetarian food on most eastern or far eastern menus.

Didn’t notice anything explicity garlicky… but I’m so used to it as an ingredient that I wouldn’t necessarily notice its presence or absence.

The restaurant we ate at was perhaps at the posher end of the ones nearby; the menu was more focused on specific dishes rather than the others being like most Chinese or Indian restaurants, in that they serve a variety of dishes, each with the options of meat or vegetables or prawn or chicken.

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