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Going underground
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
Off to Blackfriars this morning, so I wandered down to Liverpool Street and got on what I thought was a Circle Line train. How depressing it is when one realises that the train is on the wrong line, and is heading in the wrong direction. And then it stopped dead in a tunnel.

More fool me for assuming that the interior paint job of the trains matched their line; I thought that yellow handrails meant a circle line train. Anyway, I changed at Aldgate East to get the District Line back west, and got to my destination on time. Oh, and the District Line had green handrails, so sometimes they do match the line.

This evening I got the Northern Line back from St Pancras, and when I was approaching the escalators four policemen raced down ahead of me, with another couple following shortly afterwards. Thankfully they weren’t heading to my platform; hope nothing bad was happening.