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Tramshed — chicken and steak 🐓🐄
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
I dined with my parents this evening at Tramshed, a recently-opened Mark Hix restaurant in Shoreditch. As the name suggests, it is located in an old tram shed, which is a barn of a place, but felt quite full and lively without being too noisy. A formaldehyde-preserved cow and cockerel sit in a glass tank above the dining room.


The menu is simple, with a single starter (which comes as three dishes), and then steak served in 250g increments, or whole roast chicken (with the feet on, sticking up in the air). Both come with chips, and there are a choice of three vegetable side dishes.

They also have a decent vegetarian menu; I had a veggie version of the starter (a Stilton tartlet, a Yorkshire pudding served with puréed cauliflower, and an apple and beetroot salad), followed by a root vegetable gratin, with a side order of Brussels sprout tops. Too full for pudding, I appreciated that my tea was served in a pot.

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We had risotto. It was delicious and we ate every scrap.

And cherryade to drink. Yummy.

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Cherries are the pinnacle of fruity perfection, no matter what form they come in. It's a well-known fact.

Stop all this talk of cherries! I won’t have it! Cherries are Not Good.

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