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Warbands accounts
I've been paying out cheques for Warbands. There are still a few more receipts to come in, but I should have a full breakdown of the event in a couple of days.

Its very frustrating that the SCA hasn't adopted modern payment methods. For the local Cursus-Apri feasts we've been running in St Andrews we have experimented successfully with Paypal payments, but for official SCA events we are stuck in the dark-ages of cash and cheques (and - good grief - the occasional postal order!). Its extra-frustrating that all the cheques have to be signed by two officers, and the nearest other signatory is 45 minutes drive away from me.

The SCA specifically prohibits the use of online payment systems, but doesn't explain why. I suspect its because of US tax restrictions on mingling money between personal and group accounts, but I don't know.


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