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Coke is juice in Scotland
Heading north on the East Coast main line from Kings Cross to Leuchars; the train crew changes at Newcastle, and we have Scottish stewards for the latter half of the journey. This was apparent when the drinks trolley came along: I asked for a juice, and was offered apple, orange, Coke, or Diet Coke.

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I hate how they call it juice here! And, horrors, I have started to do the same! At least with the appellation "fizzy juice".

It is only proper that you adopt the culture of the country that you live in! First you start referring to fizzy juice, and before you know it you’ll be saying “Jings!”, “Crivens!”, and “Help ma, Boab!”

But what is the appropriate collective noun for carbonated drinks? I personally can't use 'pop' without feeling like I'm in an Enid Blyton story. I grew up of both the East and West of Scotland and would always use 'juice' for any cold, not water drink and on the West coast, and I would use 'ginger'.

Oh, I certainly wasn’t complaining! I quite like referring to fizzy drinks as juice, although it irritates kateaw.

After a week in London, it was a welcome sign that Scotland was approaching.

And anything is better than “soda”…

I remember being quite disconcerted when I went to a family occasion in Aberdeen as a child and was offered "ale" - meaning a fizzy juice* of some sort.

A commonly used term growing up on the west coast was scoosh.

* Of course it's juice - you mean it isn't elsewhere?

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