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Buying Lego
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
One of the joys of buying a present for a child is having a good reason to go to a toy shop and spend time examining all of the Lego sets that are available. After work this evening I went shopping with a clear idea of which set I wanted to buy for Beth, and came out of the shop with my intended purchase. In between I had a very enjoyable time browsing.

As Beth grows older, the complexity of her Lego sets is increasing. I’m already eyeing up the ones that she won’t grow into for years.

Long may she love Lego.
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Oh so tempting, so very tempting.

I could see that joining our Lego Millennium Falcon in combat around our dinner table.

Might have got that from he Mama.

It is entirely possible that Beth will not be the only recipient of Lego in this house on Christmas morning.

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