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Team Christmas tea
Church Square
It was our work Christmas party in Dundee last Friday. I missed it, as I was down in London. I suppose I could have gone to the London office Christmas party if I’d wanted to as it was on the same day, but I dined with my parents instead. The work Christmas parties aren’t my cup of tea — noisy, loud music, lots of drink, and heading off to a club at the end of the evening.

Instead I appreciate our team Christmas meal, which we organise ourselves. This evening our team dined at the Pizza Express in St Andrews; our team’s first meal south of the Tay. We started the tradition two years ago with a team Christmas lunch at Braes on Perth Road, and thought it was such a good idea that we’ve had a team lunch or tea every month since. So this was our twenty-fifth monthly team meal; I think I’ve been to twenty-three of them.

We’re also organising a work children’s Christmas party, which will be held on site in Dundee on the Saturday before Christmas. This is our first year of it; I hope it goes well. Seeing colleagues with their children will be fun. Beth is looking forward to it.