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Radio comedy
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
With a head full of cold, I’ve been lying in bed listening to the radio. I discovered that in my state, The Now Show was entirely unfunny. Some might suggest that it is never that funny; to my taste The News Quiz is a much better use of the Friday-at-6.30pm comedy slot. Anyway, now I’ve found an episode of The Embassy Lark on Radio 4 Extra — the silliness is a good fit with my current mental capacity.

I’ve sorted out the menu and shopping list for our Christmas party lunch on Sunday. I’m determined to feel better by then; a houseful of Christmas decorations and party-food cooking should help.

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Are you telling me The Now Show is meant as comedy!
Well! That does explain a number of things.

Can't say we like The News Quiz much either.
Too many cheap shots, not enough thought.

Under Simon Hoggart’s chairmanship, I thought the News Quiz got horribly predictable, with lefty comedians making the same jokes week in, week out. But to my taste it has improved under Sandi Toksvig, with a fresher and sillier outlook.

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