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Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
I like Amazon Prime. I’ve subscribed to it since it appeared in the UK; a fixed annual cost to get free next-day postage on any items sold by Amazon is really useful. It makes ordering small inexpensive items through Amazon a no-brainer.

So why do I have to go though such hoops to limit my Amazon results to Prime-compatible products? Every time I search for something I then click on the “Prime eligible” delivery option, and then click on the “Amazon.co.uk” seller link. Wy can’t those be the defaults?

Having paid for Prime, and enjoying the reliability of the free delivery, I don’t want to buy items from third-parties selling through Amazon. It is annoying that they pollute their catalogue with other sellers’ items.

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What I find very annoying is that even with the prime option selected, if you sort by price it sorts by the price from any supplier, not just the prime options. So you see a lot of expensive stuff at the top as some supplier somewhere is selling a used one for £0.01 + postage.

Very annoying. I wonder when they’ll cotton on to the fact that the Amazon shopping experience is devalued by people selling with dodgy prices and postage.

We haven't had Prime for long enough for me to really understand what's eligible and what's not, so it's a little strange just yet.

However, we have had it for long enough to make completely random impulse purchases. (I've been getting things shipped to work, and the folks in the mail room have seen a LOT of me lately. They tell me that "I don't remember ordering this..." happens to all Prime customers sooner or later!)

It becomes second nature to order things from Amazon, knowing that they will turn up next day. Easier than going to the local shops.

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