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Brightsolid Children’s Christmas Party
It was my work’s children’s party this afternoon. This is the first time we’ve organised one, and it went really well. With a bright new social space in the office, it was the perfect venue for a party. It was a pleasure seeing colleagues with their families too; this is something we tend to miss out on at work events, which are usually staff only.

Kate and I prepared some savoury food; others produced an excellent array of cakes and biscuits, and organised games. Beth enjoyed playing with the other children, took part in party games, and came away with a decent selection of loot.

Kate and I are still suffering with the cold, so weren’t as social as we could have been, but the office kitchen was a comfortable enough place to lurk while the party was going on in the next room.

We’ll definitely be doing one next year. I do wonder whether it it would be a better use of resources to forego the work Christmas party (with its late night, alcohol, and off to a nightclub at the end), and emphasise a daytime family party instead.

To end a good day, Beth and I got a Dr Noodles each on the way back through St Andrews. Mmm.