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Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
Off to the Balgove Farm Shop with Andrew this afternoon, so he could pick up his Christmas meat and I could do a little last-minute shopping. I like their vegetables; today I got a stalk of Brussels sprouts with a good head on top. Looking forward to some Brussels tops with my Christmas lunch.

Was also tempted by their cheese; although their selection is much more limited than Mellis’, the quality is way ahead of supermarkets, and it is hard to pass by without buying something. So now I have some Stilton, and a wedge of Black Bomber cheddar. That will keep me going this week.

The person standing in front of me in the checkout queue spent over £240, which strikes me as quite a lot, even at farm shop prices. Hope they have a good Christmas on that!

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I have 9 (sorry, as of Saturday, 8) 200g truckles of cheese in the fridge. This might be somewhat excessive for one person?

But they will keep long after the sell by date if unopened. Which is my excuse.

And I think one of those is a Black Bomber. My favourite is the Rioja and caramelised onion from Cheshire Cheese, followed by Amber Mist (Cheddar with whiskey) from Snowdonia Creameries.


I am torn between thinking that those little truckles are cute (individual portions!), and a belief that truckles should be significantly larger. In my mind a truckle is a BIG cylinder of cheese.

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