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Live and Let Die
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
Before Christmas, Beth expressed an interest in watching James Bond films. This delighted me; I’d been looking forward to watching Bond films with her, but I hadn’t wanted to rush her into something that she wasn’t ready for. I am always happy to watch Bond.

So when she started talking about them, I let her watch all the trailers on iTunes. She worked through all of the trailers three times.

Today we watched “Live and Let Die”. I thought we’d start with the Roger Moore films; they are my favourites and the light blend of action and quips should suit Beth. She thought it very exciting, and is greatly looking forward to “The Man with the Golden Gun” tomorrow.

We should be safe up until Timothy Dalton; then the films go from PG to higher age ratings.

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The Man With The Golden Gun was definitely my favourite when I was a a teen.

I felt that Goldeneye captured a lot of the silliness of the Moore years. Only with more tank chases through Moscow.

The two Bond villains who really resonate with me are Francisco Scaramanga and 006 Alec Trevelyan. As well as fine performances from the actors, their stories and motivations fuelled interesting relationships with Bond.

I approve of silly Bond films.

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Similar for me; Moore and Connery never really fitted for me, it was Dalton who really got the role right.

I might be going to see Skyfall in the cinema soon - the first Bond I'll have seen that way since Goldeneye, which I happened to catch in the mini-cinema on board a ship.

I’ve totally given up on going to the cinema, but am greatly looking forward to seeing Skyfall when it turns up on iTunes.

Bond films as shared family experiences. Joy! It is good to know that we have a lifetime of Bond, and they’re still making more. Somehow very reassuring.

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