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Haggis for tea
Church Square
A Hall’s veggie haggis, with carrots, peas, and roast potatoes. And plenty of Branston brown sauce.

How did you have yours?

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With meat in. :)

Mash, greens, swede, gravy (and some random bits of breaded chicken that needed eating too).

(Deleted comment)
I quite like neeps, but the rest of the family are less keen. And I don’t like them enough to bother mashing one just for me.

I chickened out on Friday night: roast chicken, roast potatoes. Possibly a side-effect of not being Scottish.

I did, though, give in to peer pressure and marketing to the extent of eating haggis earlier in the week: Tesco had a large display of it when I was shopping, so I gave in to temptation and had one on Thursday, with mashed potato. (A Simon Howie one, as I recall.)

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