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app.net invitations
Church Square
app.net now has free accounts, alongside the existing paid accounts.


Would anyone like an invitation?

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I've had a look and I can see it might be interesting, but I'm not sold on the basis of the available information. I'd be interested to know why you are, to see if it sways me.

I think it is more about potential than immediate benefits, but I see a collection of reasons working together to make app.net interesting:

  1. Twitter is undergoing changes that are harming the user experience; they have been limiting the size of the user base of third-party clients, controlling what those clients can do, and are in the process of adding advertising that is much more intrusive than we’ve seen before. App.net is the only decent attempt to replicate the good things about Twitter, while avoiding the bad; they have a sound business, and are user-focused rather than advertiser-focused.

  2. There are a number of tech writers and developers that post on app.net, so there is some content that I find interesting.

  3. App.net has a growing user base, so I think it is likely that it will have more interesting content over time; so worth signing up and keeping an eye on it.

  4. In general I approve of subscriber-funded rather than advertiser-funded web services, and I hope that their business is successful and has an impact on other online businesses.

OK, those make sense. I don't think I'll sign up at this point in time, but I came closer to it and will be better informed in future. Thanks.

Hi Toby

Would love to give App.net a try, do you have any invitations spare?

Re: Would love one

Can’t see a way on your Google+ to send you a message.

If you provide your email address, I’ll send an invitation.

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