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Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive
Church Square
When Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive launched their syncing apps last year, I installed them and gave them a go. I’ve been using Dropbox for years, and it was clear that Microsoft and Google were offering some serious competition, even if they didn’t have the polish or all of the features of Dropbox. I decided that I’d let my annual Dropbox subscription lapse, and when it did, I’d start using SkyDrive and/or Google Drive in anger.

My paid Dropbox subscription came to an end yesterday; I’m now down to the 7.1GB that they provide to me for free. SkyDrive give me 25GB for free, and Google Drive 5GB. Should I need more space, both Microsoft and Google are significantly cheaper than Dropbox.

Having evaluated the client software on OS X and on iOS, I think I’ll try using SkyDrive as my main file storage system for the next while. Google Drive has too many rough edges for me to feel confident in it. I’ll continue using Dropbox for some documents that need to be in their shared folders, and with some applications and web sites that integrate with it.

It’ll be interesting to see whether SkyDrive matches up to Dropbox in day-to-day use. Dropbox has been consistently reliable, and hasn’t caused me any hassles.

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let us know how it goes

I use my free 25gb plus 100gb paid for my files especially my ~80gb music collection

I switched from Dropbox to Skydrive, and it's been 100% reliable and very little hassle. Would recommend. (Also since I have a Windows smartphone, I'm not sure if the other two have Windows Phone apps.)

Since I save my Football Manager saved games using these services, I take this very, very seriously.

I was using Dropbox (there is not enough free space for me), Sugarsync (same like Dropbox, and for me slow).

Now I am using new service - Copy. They will give you 15GB for free.

If you register on Copy by this link, and install their application to backup / sync your data, you will get 20GB for free!
Here is the link: https://copy.com?r=zPku0e

Bonus for you is, that if you will find some referral, you will get next 5GB for free per each! Like this, you can get unlimited space for free!

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