Toby Atkin-Wright (tobyaw) wrote,
Toby Atkin-Wright

No to Cisco Web Security

A while ago I installed Cisco AnyConnect on my Mac, in order to VPN in to work. Recently I noticed that a process acwebsecagent was logging multiple failures every minute to my system log; with a bit of investigation it appears that the AnyConnect installer defaults also installs Cisco Web Security, unless one chooses to uncheck it.

As far as I can tell Web Security appears not to be related to AnyConnect’s VPN functionality; it is a separately licensed Cisco service, and if it isn’t configured it appears to have a performance impact on one’s Mac.

If it is installed, you can remove it with:
sudo /opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/

More info at:
Tags: cisco anyconnect, cisco web security, mac os x
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