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ASDA free wifi — filtering makes it useless — blocks iMessage
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
A new ASDA superstore opened in Dundee recently. Conveniently close to work, I’ve made a couple of lunchtime trips there, plus doing last week’s weekly shop.


They offer a free wifi service. Easy to sign up for, they say that they work with Mumsnet to meet the “Family-Friendly Wifi” standard, and refer customers to the Mumsnet web site for more details. No problem, I thought: nothing I use the internet for would offend Mumsnet.


When I got home from doing the weekly shop, Kate asked me why I hadn’t responded to the messages she’d sent me. I hadn’t received them. I thought at the time that the internets must have been playing up.

But yesterday lunchtime I was on a mission to buy fizzy drinks and crisps for our team game-playing evening, and when I tried sending a message to the team to ask how much diet vs. full-fat Coke I should buy, I found that my phone wouldn’t send the message. I had to disconnect from the ASDA wifi before the iPhone Message app would allow me to send or receive messages.

(A note about iMessage: iPhones use the data network to send messages where possible, so as to avoid using SMS/MMS quotas, to allow group messaging, to allow media content in messages, and to allow sending messages to non-SMS-capable devices like iPods, iPads, and Macs. If wifi is present, it will use that rather than routing the messages over the mobile data network.)

So it appears that ASDA’s free wifi blocks messaging on iOS devices. Which is a pain. Should I blame ASDA or Mumsnet for this?

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Censors indicate no intelligent life

I'd say it's largely Mumsnet's fault for pushing an overzealous filter - though of course ASDA bear some of the blame since they chose that product, and no such filter can block a useful percentage of adult content without collateral damage.

Easy enough to avoid, though; either enable Hotspot Shield, which was free last time I used it for that, or set up a VPN back to your home connection. No more blocking, and extra privacy as well (how far do you trust ASDA and Mumsnet with your browsing data - not to mention whoever runs the service for them, whoever hosts any other access point you happen to use...?).

Not to mention potentially gaining IPv6 access, which I suspect their filtered wifi service lacks!

As a default we always blame the government but as no one can remember who they are, except their Mums, we would go for Asda.
Don't like the smell, although the Pizza are OK.

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