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Bloody cyclists
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
Driving home this evening in the dark, I had to hit the brakes to avoid an unlit cyclist who shot out of a side road and crossed in front of me.

I suppose it is inevitable that a student town like St Andrews will have its share of irresponsible young cyclists, but this is the third time that I’ve nearly hit an unlit bicycle since the evenings started drawing in this year. Infuriating.

I sometimes think that idiot cyclists deserve anything that hits them, but of course they aren’t insured, so the poor motorist would end up paying to get the dents and bloodstains out of their car.

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"Life's pretty cheap to that type Janet".

As with all things, perception has much to do with it.
When a White Van cuts you up you think "White Van Man" and maybe don't notice the read vans.
So it is with bicyclists.

Not to say that there are not some absolute A. H. on bikes 'cause Gods know there are!
And those super bright flashing lights!
Don't know what they are like if you are in a sensible car but in The Blokes they are a right pain.
Still, Better lit than Hit. (Just made that up, Good Aye)?

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