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On the train to London at the moment, for a few days of work. Does anybody fancy meeting for dinner in or near Shoreditch this week? I’m around until Friday.

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Typically, I've just found that I need to be in Brighton on Thursday afternoon for a fitting for my wedding suit - but it's early afternoon so I should be back in London by "after work", so along as the trains are running reasonably well.

Our food requirements are exact opposite - I need meat with an absence of vegetable, although I'm with you on the quiet enough to be easy to converse. I don't know of anywhere offhand (I travel through London twice a day but seldom stop there to eat) and haven't been in the Shoreditch area since I stopped taking flying trapeze classes at the Circus space some years ago, so have no idea what eateries there are.

Which isn't much help at all really.


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