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Collecting platinum points in My Nintendo
There are 120 points to collect on a weekly basis. From observation, the week starts on a Monday.

30Visit the official Nintendo website while signed in to your Nintendo AccountVisit
30Collect the My Nintendo sign-in bonusVisit then click on the coin that appears next to your Mii
30Sign in to MiiverseVisit then collect the points at
30Sign in to Nintendo eShopVisit the eShop on Wii U or 3DS then collect the points at

There are 35 points to collect on a daily basis, from playing Miitomo. Once each of these has been achieved you’ll usually get a notification in Miitomo, which collects the points, but if you don’t, then the points can be collected on the Missions page.

10Get 5 comments on your answers in one day
10Get 5 hearts on your answers in one day
5Give 3 answers in one day
5Listen to your friends' answers 10 times in one day
5Change your outfit once in a day

There is another (possibly weekly) activity, “Answer the featured question”, which nets 25 points. I’m not yet sure when that changes.

Check your point earning at

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May you have fun collecting them all!


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