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Delighted to have tickets to see Anthrax in concert in February.

I noticed they were touring this year when Beth’s latest issue of Metal Hammer fell open at an advert for the tour. I thought about the Barrowlands date, but that is in the middle of Beth’s half-term when we are due to be down in Nottingham. It turns out they are playing Rock City in Nott’m that same week. Perfect.

When I was at school, I had classmates who regularly went to Rock City. Never been myself (most of my school-era concerts were at the Nott’m Royal Concert Hall, or at the Birmingham NEC once I was driving) — so quite amused that I’ll be matching that teenage experience at the age of forty-four.

This will be the first time I’ll be seeing Anthrax live, despite having loved their music since the 1980s. Pretty sure the first Anthrax album I heard was 1988’s State of Euphoria, although I’ve probably listened to Among the Living more than any other.

Sadly the concert is 14+, so we can’t take Beth to this one, but kateaw should enjoy it.

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Though it does mean you'll needto keep an eye out for future concerts you can take Beth to as well. It's only fai, and I'm sure you can cope with attending more concerts - for her sake... {grin}


Don’t worry — we have plans in place! We’ll be taking Beth to see Iron Maiden at the SSE Hydro in May, and Alice Cooper in November.

A great examle of the sacrifices you have to make as parents. I'm impressed (and she's a very lucky girl)


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