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Science in films
I watched two films yesterday evening, both of which featured a scientist as the lead character. It was quite refreshing seeing scientists portrayed as ordinary people doing a skilled job.

In Enigma, a wartime thriller, Dougray Scott plays a code-breaker working at Bletchley Park, cracking Nazi submarine signals. He is described as a genius, but we see the rational working of his mind as he works on the codes, and he works as part of a multi-disclipinary team of eccentrics - rather like a modern software development environment.

The Dish is a sweet, gentle Australian comedy about the monitoring station (in the middle of a sheep field) that relayed the television pictures back from Neil Armstrong's moonwalk. Sam Neill plays the director of the station. Many of the characters are scientists, but this is incidental to the human story while providing a believable and dramatic background.

It is common to see science and computing treated like a special effect in Hollywood movies (how many films feature an email arriving in a lavish animation that bears no relation to real email clients?), so its nice that there are films out there which treat their science with respect.


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