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I've been playing with Orkut - thanks for the invitation, David - and its an interesting relationship network tool. In broad terms its a bit like LJ, but it practice it has quite a different emphasis.

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I was reading an article from a US newspaper about this - questioning the benefits of online social networks like this, and specifically mentioning Orkut. Would be interested to know more of what you think of it.

Mark - I've sent you an invitation to join (to your home email address).

Thanks Toby.

I'll keep an eye out for it - so far it has not appeared in my inbox.

OK, I've changed it to your work email. I guess it will send out another invitation - it isn't very clear.

Thanks Toby. Certainly interesting - will have to see who I can find to add.

While it is still clearly in beta (and certainly needs work on internationalisation) it does look useful...

Hang on a sec.

Last week I was all up to date and down with the happening crowd for getting onto this Live Journal mullarky. I even got myself this nice new crown to wear in my photograph. Now there's another thing I have to register with to keep up? Steady on.

Having seen it, I think I'd rather avoid publishing my details on the internet as I have been careful to keep them out of harm's way. It's not good for a Frog to spread himself too thinly.

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