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Lunch on Thursday
We'll be lunching at the café in the Byre Theatre at 12.30 on Thursday. All are welcome to join us.

I've only had drinks there before, so I don't know what their food is like, but they have a menu on their web site:

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They like their bread, don't they! Count me out.

I'm being ultra crap and forgot about posting the money off for the feast - mea culpa. I should know your address by now, but I've lost it. Could you email it to me, or I can just bring the cash on Saturday if you prefer?

/me is crap and apologises...

That's OK. I'll email you my address, but it's fine if you bring the money on Saturday. Are you wanting to stay overnight?

Oh, and if you lose my address again you can always find it by a lookup of my domain-name:
whois atkin-wright.com

OK, I'll arm myself with cold hard cash, and yes please I'd like to stay over - sorry, thought I'd "booked"! :)

Probably! I'll look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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