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We were down in Blackpool for the Easter weekend, at Concourse, this year's Eastercon.

qidane drove us down, leaving St Andrews on Friday morning. qidane, kateaw and I were staying in the Imperial Hotel, which was rather good except for the tiny rooms. Nice breakfasts. Blackpool, on the other hand, was a bit of a nightmare.

The con was at the Winter Gardens, a large conference centre in the middle of the town. Some of the halls were very large, some were very odd, but none felt very comfortable. The cheap food was a little better than at Hinckley last year (from a vegetarian perspective, at least).

On Monday morning we went to see the new Dr Who exhibition which opened last week in Blackpool. It was quite fun, although the exhibits were in need of descriptions.

I've uploaded my photos from the weekend to the usual place:

Good things about this Eastercon:

  • A choice of hotels meant that we could stay somewhere nicer than average.

  • The main social areas of the con were non-smoking.

  • The vegetarian food was ok, and wasn't too samey.

  • As usual, a highlight was meeting and talking to people.

  • Blackpool was pretty easy to get to, and there wasn't much traffic on the roads.

  • qidane wearing his camouflage kilt.

Bad things:

  • The variety of hotels meant that there wasn't the same sort of social interaction in the hotel facilities and over breakfast.

  • There didn't seem to be so many people there (maybe because of the size of the place).

  • A lot of familiar faces were missing.

  • Blackpool felt like a dirty unpleasant place to be.

  • To get from one room to another, one had to pass through the main corridor which was open to the public and very smoky.