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Weekend photos
We had a fine weekend! Unfortunately Mike couldn't get to St Andrews due to train troubles, but tokyo_mb arrived just in time to make the wine tasting on Friday night.

On Saturday morning we breakfasted in Hamilton Hall, overlooking the Old Course, which looked spectacular even though the weather was manky. We talked to the Principal, Dr Brian Lang, over breakfast, and he recommended that I look at using the new University of St Andrews tartan for my kilt.

lilitufire arrived in the afternoon, and five of us had a fine dinner at the Vine Leaf on South Street before going on to the Reunion Ball in the Younger Hall.

My birthday on Sunday started with my favourite breakfast: scrambled egg followed by lots of toast and marmalade. The weather was grey but dry, so we happily had a BBQ for lunch and then a pleasantly social afternoon before watching my new Goodies DVD in the evening.

Photos from the ball and from the BBQ are on my photo web site:


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