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On Thursday afternoon I pulled something in my back, so I've been taking life gently over the past few days.

kateaw and I had previously decided not to go to Edzell for Warbands this weekend. Kate gets very tired very quickly, and its important to keep her as comfortable as possible. There is less than a month to go until her due date.

On Saturday we caught up with films and TV. On Sunday we had a swim in the morning, before having lunch with Mary & Kevin - they dropped in on their way down the country after Warbands.

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Sorry to hear about the back

Hey there-

Do take care- it's not fun having an owie in your back. Gotta get it in shape for carrying Pubert around!

I will be in Glasgow this week, but will ring you this Saturday to see how you and kateaw are doing.

Oh- read your other passage in lj. The cafe in the hotel [upstairs from Chariots Bar] close to Hamilton is nae bad. Russell Hotel dining on the other hand is not so great.


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