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Chickpea Soup
I'm going to make a chickpea soup for the A&S meeting this evening. It potentially needs a long cooking time, so I'll get it started this afternoon. The recipe in The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy claims that "If you do not care for chickpeas, this soup may change your mind." I hope there is somebody present who does not care for chickpeas, so we can put this to the test.

Since the soup is quite simple, I'll look at doing something sweet too. I seem to remember that qidane had a spare bag of almonds when we looked in his cupboard last week.

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Let me know how it comes out!!

It worked quite well; pleasantly tasty. The chickpeas didn't soften much, but I think that might be the nature of chickpeas. We'll be making it again.

Report, and a photo of the soup, on harpelstane.

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