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Interruptible power supply
Just as the working day was drawing to a close, the power went off. A phone call to Scottish Power confirmed that around a thousand homes were affected. The engineers estimated that power would return at around 9pm.

Unfortunately my UPS battery died a couple of months ago. This is good motivation to get in replaced, or to buy a new UPS.

Anyway, kateaw and I took the opportunity to wander out to vote, meeting qidane on the way. As we returned home, the Red Arrows zoomed overhead in formation. They went on to do a good 30 minute show, low over St Andrews. Impressive stuff, especially the three planes drawing a red heart with an arrow through it.

Then qidane made us dinner, as his gas cooker was immune from the power disruption. After two hours off, the electricity turned back on well ahead of their schedule, so we're now happily back on the internet.

About to have some Scottish strawberries for pud.

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Why did you have a red arrows display?

No idea! But it was good fun.

Maybe our local paper will have something about it this week.

Maybe it's to do with the election. Who knows?

Thanks though :)

Good old gas! It's the fuel of the future you know.

I presume that you didn't have the opportunity to vote for the 'English Democrats' in the Euro election. They were standing on what appeared to be an anti-Scottish ticket. Apparently they can stop all the money flowing from Berkshire to Scotland by declaring an independent English state. So don't count on any more improvements to the A92 - we're keeping our money down south now so we can spend it in Waitrose instead.

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