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Thursday lunch
Had a very pleasant lunch yesterday at the Scores hotel. There were six of us this week: me, kateaw, mother, meepfrog, Amanda and Colin. Good company, good food, good view. Why is it always so quiet in there? Maybe it gets busy at weekends.

Father couldn't join us for lunch as he was flying from Dundee to London for a meeting. He stayed with pollyatkin last night, and will be back up here this evening.

I walked into town wearing my new pedometer - about 3500 steps from home to lunch, by the sea and past the castle.

This afternoon I'm taking kateaw to Forth Park hospital. Not sure which of us is more nervous.

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Best wishes to both of you - I'm sure all will be fine.

Pedometers are wonderful things.

The best of luck - I have been and will be thinking of you both *hugs*

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