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Beth and Kate home
Beth and kateaw came home from hospital yesterday. I went in to visit in the morning as usual, and after another blood test to check her salt level, Beth was declared well-fed so was allowed home. I spent some time in the morning reading the instructions for the car seat, making sure that it was fitted properly and that I understood what to do. Then after feeding and bathing her, and lots of good-byes, it was time to go.

Beth and Kate in the car

We got home in the late afternoon, and mother and pollyatkin were waiting to greet us. We settled in, feeling rather tired, and started forming the routine of our new life. We got a little worried in the evening when Beth wouldn't wake up to feed, but we came to the conclusion that we'd worn her out with too much attention.

The night wasn't too disturbed. Luckily she slept well (and so did we) between her feeds. Today was more relaxing. Father and alexatkin were here too, but kateaw and I had some time together with Beth. A visit from the mid-wife helped to reassure us that we were managing fine.

Time for bed now.

There are more photos from the journey home at:

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Awww... she's so dinky! :)

She doesn't feel so small when I'm holding her, only when I stand back and look at her.

Every day is different - she was quite wriggly today.

Kate & Beth are both looking well (and that's a terrific name, speaking as another Beth...) - many congrats and good wishes!

Thanks! There are a lot of Elizabeths in Kate's family. We thought Beth was the nicest contraction of Elizabeth (and my mother always loved the name, after reading Little Women as a child).

(Deleted comment)
She is so cute. And people have been buying us some very cute baby clothes. She already has some jeans and some dungarees to grow into.

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