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Thursday lunch
Lunch out at the Harbour Café again this week; its a pleasant walk along the beach path to get there, and kateaw is still a bit wary about going too far with the pram. It was quite misty today.


There weren't as many people about as last week (due to the weather no doubt), but it was still quite busy at the café. We were joined by meepfrog, gypsy0131, ormsweird and hobbitomm.


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Quite misty? QUITE MISTY?????? The No Bathing flag was flying but you had to be under the flag pole to see it!!!!!!!

However lunch was good and so was the walk to and from.

People bathe in St Andrews?

Yup, we Brits are a (fool) hardy bunch don't you know? Not tried it myself yet but may do when we have a nice hot day.

I suppose bathing with the seals might be nice...

There might have been people in the sea today, but it was so misty we couldn't see the sea from the shore. Last week there were a lot of people on the beach and in the sea.

Personally I prefer a warm, clean swimming pool.

and I prefer the Atlantic Ocean. even the channel has to have been heated up for a good couple of days before I can bathe in it.

I think part of the problem is every time I go to St Andrews it's always so windy I can't help feeling cold.

Toby told me how misty it was earlier and didn't quite believe him until I saw the pictures! VERY curse of fenric ...

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