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Testers wanted
I'm looking for four people to help to test our DVD rental service, Filmgold. I can offer you a subscription at half the regular rate, at whichever subscription level you choose.

You must:

  • Be familiar with using web sites, and buying products online

  • Supply reports of errors and bugs you find through your normal use of the Filmgold site

  • Supply suggestions for improvements and new features in the site

  • Be willing to try development versions of the site

  • Have a UK postal address

If you'd like to take part in the test, let me know. Your half-price subscription will continue for as long as you wish to remain part of the test group.

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I'd be interested, since you seem to have a good selection of films I haven't yet managed to see thanks to baby stuff getting in the way. ;-) The email address on my info is a bit temperamental; email to jac@bopeepsheep.co.uk should work though.

Thanks. Reply sent by email.

Hey toby. I will help. by that i mean i will watch the movies and dave can do all the tech stuff.
hope you kate and beth are well.
love claire.xx

Thanks. Reply sent by email.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. Reply sent by email.

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