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Baby clothes
DHL have just delivered a parcel from Modena, Italy. It was the babygro I'd ordered for Beth from the Ferrari web site.

Ferrari babygro

Its too big for her at the moment (which is why she isn't modelling it), but she'll soon grow into it.

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Toby I am deeply disappointed in you. A Ferrari babygro!!

Why not chose a team with character :P

Because, after much careful searching, I discovered that Ferrari are the only team that sells a babygro.

hey thats coooool. Does she get a mini ferrari to sit in too?

No, but BMW Williams do a 'Baby Racer', suitable from 18 months.

Baby Racer

Now THAT really is cool.

have a feeling Beth might be a bit of a tom-boy by nuture if not by nature!!

Would that be more suited for like... a boy?

Awesome Toby. I approve thoroughly.

So will Beth be watching her first Grand Prix on Sunday?

I'm sure the winner will be one of the drivers wearing a similar, but slightly larger version!

Actually she slept through watching Hockenheim a couple of weeks ago, so I guess Sunday will be her second race.

AWWWW! That's so CUTE!

(By the way, Ulf - you're lucky sharikkamur and I are both out of the country, or we'd come round and beat you up for that "boy" remark! (-:)

Why? There aren't any women competing in Grand Prix last I checked (not to sound sexist or anything).


smallclanger has two Durham Bulls baseball outfits, although he's probably just about to grow out of them. We were at a game when I was about 30 weeks pregnant (making the most of being allowed to fly until that week) and the group we were with insisted on buying them. I'm glad he was a boy, although I guess a girl would have looked ok in them.

I see that they have taken off the Marlboro logos anyway.

Surely the babygro should also have Beth's blood group on it just in case?

(Deleted comment)
Quite the best babygro! Makes a change from all the cute girly clothes she has been given.

I think this is the most replies I've had to one of my posts. Not bad for a post about a babygro.

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