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Communities... revisited
Last week I asked "I've noticed that some communities are themselves members of other communities. I can't figure out how to do this for communities that I manage. Any ideas?"

Having investigated further, I discovered that one could make communities members of other communities by the following method:

  1. While logged in as the maintainer of community A, go to the Admin Console and type: change_journal_type <community_name> shared

  2. Log into LJ as the community account (now a shared account), and add community B as a friend

  3. Log back in as the maintainer of community A, and do change_journal_type <community_name> community

This has a weird effect, in that it makes community B a member of community A. Surely this is trampling on some permissions somewhere? I can't see any way of making community A a member of community B, without having the maintainer of community B do the above steps.

Does this make sense? Have I missed something?

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The thing is I fail to see the point of making a community a member of another community. Unless of course it's just you who likes to play with those settings ;)

I can't see much of a practical benefit.

But it seems to me that it could be a useful way of showing connections between communities, in a logically structured manner. For instance, harpelstane could be a member of insulaedraconis, and they both could be members of drachenwald.

I think a way of showing related communities would be helpful.

Now now, you're thinking of communities in terms of a database structure you nerdy you ;)

But I agree it would make sense :)

So should we go ahead and make all three communities members of each other? Or should we keep it hierarchical?

Well I can make insulaedraconis a member of drachenwald (and maybe both a member of sca but that might be pushing it). It'll have to wait a bit though.

I also think it should remain hierarchical in some way, ie make harpelstane a member of drachenwald but not the other way round if that makes sense.

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