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More babyclothes
Beth's Iron Maiden vest arrived this morning. Gosh, we will have the best-dressed baby!

Iron Maiden vest

As with the Ferrari babygro, this is for 3-6 months, so is a bit big for her at the moment.

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Toby you are sick!

All the same, its very cool. I think you'll have to gel up her hair a bit and get some stick on tattoos to go with it.

I may have a battle on my hands when she is older, lets hope tattoos are no longer so fashionable when she is a teenager. On the other hand she may decide that having a tattooed mother is sooooo uncool she'll never do it herself : )


OK, now /that/ is good taste :)

That's ... weird, interesting too (not sure about "Maternica" though)

Toby, where did you get yours?

woo yay - want want want

Have you seen the "mommy's little metal head" onesies?

beth is so lucky, i was 20 before i got my first iron maiden t-shirt. she will grow up to have fabulous taste.

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