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Worldcon hotel
I've just booked our accommodation for Worldcon in Glasgow next year (booking opened today). We'll be in the Moat House, which is on site at the SECC. We spent the night there after seeing the Meat Loaf concert back in January. Nice pool, and its got a lift with a window.

Decided to book for almost a week - Wednesday 3 to Tuesday 9 August - so we'll have time to do some shopping and museums in Glasgow too.

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Must do the same if anything is left by the time I get home and Jan and I can settle down to do it.

Thank you for the links, turned out I did have a credit card with me at work so all booked.

Glad to be of service!

Good grief - I have to get organised NOW?

I foresee day trips, or ambushing Paul in Cambuslang...

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