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Fondue Party!
You are invited to a fondue party on Saturday 18th September, from 7pm. Cheesy goodness!


ormsweird has been investigating various fondue recipes. Let me know if you're coming, so we know how many we'll be catering for. BYOB

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Cheeeeeeeeese!

I will sadly be elsewhere, so have a good one without me.


We'll be there! (Well duh. :)

What's the plan... are we going to make two or three different fondues? All savoury, or a choccy one too?

Must. Try. Toblerone. Fondue.

*brainwash rays. Brainwash rays*

Erm, I thought three different cheesey ones and a quick wash out for chocolate! That way if the meat eaters want to eat flesh there'll still be two flavours for the veggies.

Extract from Homer's Iliad (Song XI):

When Nestor and Machaon had reached the tents of the son of
Neleus, they dismounted, and an esquire, Eurymedon, took the horses
from the chariot. The pair then stood in the breeze by the seaside
to dry the sweat from their shirts, and when they had so done they
came inside and took their seats. Fair Hecamede, whom Nestor had had
awarded to him from Tenedos when Achilles took it, mixed them a
mess; she was daughter of wise Arsinous, and the Achaeans had given
her to Nestor because he excelled all of them in counsel. First she
set for them a fair and well-made table that had feet of cyanus; on it
there was a vessel of bronze and an onion to give relish to the drink,
with honey and cakes of barley-meal. There was also a cup of rare
workmanship which the old man had brought with him from home,
studded with bosses of gold; it had four handles, on each of which
there were two golden doves feeding, and it had two feet to stand
on. Any one else would hardly have been able to lift it from the table
when it was full, but Nestor could do so quite easily. In this the
woman, as fair as a goddess, mixed them a mess with Pramnian wine; she
grated goat's milk cheese into it with a bronze grater, threw in a
handful of white barley-meal, and having thus prepared the mess she
bade them drink it. When they had done so and had thus quenched
their thirst, they fell talking with one another, and at this moment
Patroclus appeared at the door.

Yes to Cheesy goodness

Yay! Will definitely be there... Hope there are both kinds of fondue! xE

As always, I'll be there...

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