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Catching up
Its been a busy week, so haven't had an opportunity to update LJ until now.

Our fondue party was on Saturday 18 Sept. I made a traditional emmental and gruyere fondue and ormsweird made a cheese and pickle fondue, both served with bread for dipping, and qidane made a hot oil fondue, with lots of meaty things for dipping and cooking in it. Then we had ormsweird's Toblerone fondue, served with lots of fruit for dipping. I've uploaded pictures from the fondue party to:

The hot oil boiling:
Hot oil boiling

Meanwhile I've missed out on reporting on a couple of Thursday lunches. On 16 Sept we lunched at the Oak Room on North Street, which was quite pleasant, despite great hammering sounds from below as they were 'doing up' the basement. We were joined by ggreig (whose birthday it was), meepfrog and ormsweird. Cauliflower and smoked cheddar soup was excellent; puddings were slightly disappointing - the menu promised so much, then we were served slices of defrosted frozen dessert. Then last week (23 Sept) we lunched at the Jahangir, joined by meepfrog and gypsy0131. As usual, very yummy. There is something delightful about spicy food followed by sweet pink ice cream (with monkey's blood). We'll be lunching at Ma Belle's (on the Scores) this week.

We've had kateaw's sister Barbara staying with us this weekend, which has been fun. Kate is enjoying having her here.

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beth is uber-cute in the ferrari jumpsuit. Looks comfy too. Do they make grownup sized ones for winter pjs?? ;)

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