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Free trade?
A rather bizarre leaflet from Christian Aid came in my Spectator today. It is all about stopping free trade, because apparently free trade is unjust to farmers in poor countries. Then when I read further, it explained that the problems were due to international organisations that control trade rules (WTO, IMF, World Bank) not allowing poor countries to protect their farmers, whereas the EU can dump cheap food under existing trade rules.

It strikes me that the solution is that we need free trade - at the moment protectionist policies are skewing international trade and the CAP means that the EU has a lot of food to dump internationally below the market rate.

I'm not sure I like charities campaigning on political issues like this. Christian Aid says it does not campaign on party political issues, but to advocate interventionist policies is to adopt a particular political viewpoint, and I suspect one that is to the left of most of the British political establishment.