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Tomme de Savoie
While shopping in town yesterday, we dropped into I. J. Mellis, Cheesmonger, to spend kateaw's birthday cheese vouchers.

Tomme de Savoie

Thanks, ormsweird and hobbitomm!

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In the unlikely event that anyone comes across a source of Tomme au Marc, could you let me know? My dad remembers it from his time in France and would like to find it again.

It's a cheese covered in grape seeds (marc) after the grapes have been used for making wine, and it seems they impart a grapey flavour to the cheese.

Apparently it may also be known as La Grappe or Fondu au Raisin.

Looks like a fun cheese.

From memory Tomme de Savoie comes from the Alps (near Chamonix), though I remember it as a softer cheese than that looks to be.

Nonetheless, am envious, as Japan does not really do cheese like that.

Yep, the receipt called it Tomme de Savoie (Tomme de Alpes). I'd describe it as a softish hard cheese. Probably just about gratable. Looking forward to eating our way through it this week.

We went into Mellis' looking for a small whole cheddar (which are about £20), but they only stock them around Xmas and haven't got them in yet. This was a good second choice.

My experience has been that 'Tomme' is a family of cheeses, of which T. de Savoie and T. des Alpes are two. But probably the only way to track down T. de Marc may be to spend months going from market to market in south eastern France.

And I have to agree with Mark that Tomme tends to look softer than yours appears to be. But yours looks lovely! I eat about 50% of my annual cheese consumption in two weeks each year, as you know.

If anyone was intrigued by the sound of Tomme au Marc, I have found a UK supplier. Guntons expect to have it in within the next couple of weeks, and are prepared to deliver by 1st class post or ParcelForce. They say it is a fairly fragile cheese (though it's not clear whether they mean physically or in terms of longevity) and they don't know how much the cheese will cost before it comes in, but they'll mail me.

Looks delish. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Mmmm... cheese vouchers are inspired :)

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