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St Salvator's Chapel
qidane, gypsy0131, kateaw, Beth and I went to the Alumni Carol Service in the University Chapel last night. It was Beth's first time at a church service, and she behaved very well indeed - just the occasional happy gurgle. I enjoy carols, so this is an annual treat. The sermon was rather oddly presented - spoken rather slowly with a long pause at the end of each sentence. Maybe he'd only written a 5 minute sermon and needed to pad it out to 10 minutes? The organ playing was a bit ponderous too. Still, its splendid having the opportunity to hear the choir, and to sing in Latin.

After the service, we had mince pies, shortbread and mulled wine in Lower College Hall. Very nice mince pies. I was very good and only ate two. Lots of people came to talk to Beth, including Jamie the University Chaplain, who had married us in the chapel a couple of years ago. We didn't have a speech from Brian Lang this year - apparently he was off travelling on University business.

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If you join the group Tobs is associated with, they send regular newsletters (quite glossy) to you...

They keep sending me stuff! Probably worth dropping into the Alumni Relations office and make sure that you're on their mailing list.

They'll catch up with you in the end thought - a few years after graduation and they'll starting asking for donations.

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In fact, there is a form here you can use to update your address:

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