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Swimming Beth
We took Beth swimming for the first time yesterday. She enjoyed being in the water.

Beth about to swim

Beth swimming
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Beth looks absolutely stunning in her swim gear. Glad you are starting her young- she will take to water like a duck! xE

ahhh what a cutie! and what lovely swim-pants too ...
auntie pollyxx

Even I have to admit that she looks cute and happy. :)

Swimming and water in general have been great with Andrew, we have been very lucky over the last few months that one of our friends likes to take her daughter as well so the five of us can go.

As someone who never learnt to swim I agree 100% with the never can start them to young sentiment.

Awwwww..... How adorable.


She seems to like it!

Alan liked the water when he went to Florida at 5 months! And he still loves baths at age 2 :)

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