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Busy holiday; back to work
Beth, kateaw and I spent a pleasant Christmas week in Kent with K's parents. Beth saw her grandparents for the first time. They were suitably doting. The flights to and from Kent International Airport at Manston worked well - I imagine we'll be using EUJet's service regularly. Its a lot easier than battling through the horrors of London.

For New Year's Eve we hosted a dinner party, with tokyo_mb, lilitufire, gypsy0131, qidane, Amanda and Colin as our guests. As befits the occasion we chose to dress formally, and all the men were in kilts. With G&Ts on arrival (a choice of Plymouth or Hendricks gin!), we started the meal with two different patés served with redcurrant sauce and salad leaves and qidane's freshly baked bread. This was followed by a thick pea soup served in tea cups and saucers, and then the main course was a crown roast of lamb, served with roast potatoes, carrots, and a baked cauliflower/broccoli/leek cheese (which was also the veggie main dish). Pudding was a peach and raspberry trifle (we discovered that Fisher & Donaldson's madeira cake makes a fine trifle sponge, especially when stuck together with my mother's homemade peach and raspberry jam and lashings of OVD). Then there was a cheese board and PBFs to nibble through the rest of the evening. A French red with the savoury courses, half bottles of a Canadian ice wine and an Australian noble yumminess with the trifle, and a bottle of champagne for the New Year. Dinner lasted from 8pm till midnight.

Saturday night was qidane's traditional New Year Recovery Party. A fine and social time - particularly good to see that sharikkamur had travelled all the way from Iceland to be with us for the occasion. K stayed at home looking after Beth, so I popped back mid-evening with a plate of hot food and a plain chocolate Tunnock's teacake and caramel wafer.

After all the fine eating and drinking, both the diet and work start again today.
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thick pea soup served in tea cups and saucers

Wasn't it a bit tricky spooning it out of the saucer?

Ah, that would be where Andrew's bread would be useful!

I'm imagining it as a champagne fountain, but done with teacups, saucers and pea-soup, so I'm glad you didn't dispel the vision!

Thank you again for a great time at New Year - it was lovely to see you, Kate and Beth.

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